Project Review Process

Review Process

The project review is a very simple process and a FENI member of staff will stay with you through every step.

  • Step One: Get in contact with FENI and book your
    free project review.
  • Step Two: Pull together as much information you have on your generator. FENI can guide you on what are the critical pieces of information.
  • Step Three: Sit down with a member of staff at FENI and have an open discussion on how your generator is performing. Together we can understand where the generator is presently at and where it could potentially be.
  • Step Four: FENI will analyse the information on your generator and advise you if any steps are required to improve your generating station.
  • Step Five: FENI can help you implement any actions, if any are needed to improve your generating station.


‘‘ Through the project review  I was able to reduce my insurance costs and have my land rates  re-assessed. It is the little things that makes all the difference. ’’  Gary Campbell, Co Tyrone


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