Renewable Energy Bond

Renewable Energy Bond

While considering options for your finances if you are interested in an investment opportunity why not check out our partner organisation’s FREE Wind ISA Bond. You can find a summary of their offering on the Insert “Helping Build a Greener Future”.

Randolph Renewables owns 25% of the Company issuing this new IFISA eligible bond. FREE Wind ISA Bond is ultimately funding the purchase of further turbines and operational sites.

The Company has split the bond issue of £7.3 million bond into two terms – three and five years, to fund all working capital costs associated with FREE Wind ISA Bond Ltd projects.

A 3 or 5 year fixed rate bond offering 7.5% or 9% each year respectively.


Your Capital is at Risk – No FSCS Cover

If you would like to talk to someone about this new bond please complete the submission form below for FREE Wind ISA Bond Ltd.
By completing this form you are giving your consent for your details to be passed on to FREE Wind ISA Bond Ltd part of FREE Group Ltd.


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