Turbine Optimisation

Turbine Optimisation

*** Up to 15% increase in performance possible ***


“An upgraded controller can increase output by up to 15%. Just one example of a range of ways in which a turbine can be optimised to increase performance.”


FENI’s sister company, Realise Energy Services, offer a range of bespoke turbine services which are designed to identify and then rectify performance issues. Typical improvements have been found to produce between 2% – 15% increased output.

Many turbines we visit are initially found to be operating below their optimal efficiency. This can be due to a variety of issues from site specific conditions, parameter and control settings to blade pitch and electrical equipment design.


The result of this is lack of availability and poor performance causing loss of production and reduced income.


Graph showing the main reasons for turbine poor performance


Turbines are constantly producing large amounts of data. Useful information can often be buried within large data sets. Not all turbine owners have the time or understanding to analyse what can be over 400 different error codes. Through regular and educated analysis of your data, many underlying faults can be picked up and rectified. Realise Energy Services hold customer data in a special protected ‘data vault’ and provide regular reports on performance and faults.

There are two key factors affecting income – turbine ‘availability’ and turbine ‘performance’.


This is the biggest reason for loss of income. Availability can be controllable (e.g. the turbine) and uncontrollable (e.g. grid, weather). How can you maximise availability?

  • Planned and proactive maintenance through a comprehensive service and maintenance agreement
  • Efficiency improvements – turbine settings, electrical design, component upgrades
  • Better use and analysis of data to identify issues and solutions
  • Ensuring your turbine is set up correctly for your site conditions


Realise Energy Services can offer a range of services and new technology to improve availability.



There are a range of common issues leading to generation losses which are generally due to either site specific conditions such as turbulence or operational issues such as:

  • Poor blade condition – pitting, insects, oil, dust, etc.
  • Misaligned blades
  • Incorrect blade pitch angle
  • Poorly calibrated anemometer / wind vane / yaw settings
  • Electrical losses in the tower – e.g. incorrect cable sizing
  • Electrical losses between the tower and G59 cabinet – e.g. meters too far away from generator
  • Cut in / Cut out parameters – turbine losing production due to incorrect settings


Solutions to issues

  • Preventative maintenance – e.g. blade cleaning and re-coating
  • Blade pitch adjustment and calibration
  • Anemometer and wind vane calibration
  • Installation of correct cables and components
  • Cable condition inspection
  • Moving meter positions
  • Changing parameters to suit site specifics
  • Upgrading controllers and software


Realise Energy Services can offer a range of services and new technology to improve availability.

Blade Health Noise Assessment

Realise Energy Services has recently been testing a new blade sensor which is left at the turbine for a short period of time to record an acoustic signature of the turbine’s blades. This signature is compared to a ‘healthy’ blade and when repeated at regular service intervals a long-term picture of the blade’s health can be established. Any change to this signature can be investigated and repaired before serious damage and cost occurs.

Following training at their facilities in Denmark, Realise Energy Services have been appointed as the authorised UK partner of DEIF Wind PowerWith an impressive background in turbine control system design and manufacture, DEIF offer a comprehensive range of wind turbine retrofit control solutions, including, wind farm and pitch control technology and turbine control strategies.


Realise Energy Services trained technicians are now able to assess your turbine and design, model and install a DEIF solution tailored specifically to your turbine to optimise production with increased functionality and reduced wear and tear ensuring improved turbine performance and availability.

Proactive maintenance is becoming a major factor in the achievement of high turbine availability and high turbine availability is key for high turbine performance. ‘Nipping it in the bud’ or stopping an issue before it causes significant downtime is a key part of any annual maintenance regime.

Costly blade repairs are a key example. Once a blade problem is identified, turbine stoppage is usually immediate and until the blade is made safe and repaired, the turbine should not be operated. This leads to significant down time and loss of production.

We have recently been testing a new blade sensor which is left at the turbine for a short period of time to capture an acoustic signature of the turbine’s blades. This signature is compared to a ‘healthy’ blade, and when repeated at regular service intervals, a long-term picture of the blade’s health can be built up. Any change to this signature can be investigated and repaired before serious damage occurs. Even minute cracks and chips to the gel coat can be identified and repaired before they become bigger problems.

If you are interested in adding a noise survey to your annual service regime, please contact us on 028 79 30060 or info@farmenergyni.co.uk

FENI can now offer CCTV security systems to keep a safe eye on turbines.

Our systems work independently from the turbine’s SCADA system and power source to provide added protection in the event of a power cut.

The camera’s work in both day and night-time and automatically trigger when motion is detected. Images are recorded on the camera’s memory and in the cloud in case of theft or vandalism.

We offer a daily monitoring service to support the camera’s use.

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