Sell your project

Sell your project

Since becoming part of the Randolph Renewables Group, FENI can now introduce owners of energy assets who may wish to sell their project to RG Developments, and benefit from released capital and less risk and responsibility. 

RG Developments is actively investing in projects to grow a portfolio that underpins the Group’s operations. Such investment gives the Group and FENI financial security offering to payment guarantees for FENI’s members.   

RG Developments are also interested in sites that have not yet been developed and may have planning consent and a grid connection.

New Wind Turbines

FENI’s sister company, Realise Energy Services, have strong relationships with a few quality turbine manufacturers. Our expert team undertake extensive research of the medium-scale wind turbine market paying close attention to proven performance, reliability, pedigree, manufacturer and value for money to ensure the best solutions are recommended to our customers in accordance with their project needs.

Our new turbine models include:

  • Vestas
  • Wind Technik Nord (WTN)
  • ATB


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